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Centennial Campaign

Seed Money: Campaign For Our Second Centruy

How to Donate

Thank you for your willingness to support Ag History’s second century. There are two ways to donate. You may click on the “Donate Now” button below and check out using a credit card via PayPal, or you can print this Pledge Form and mail it along with a check to the address on the form.

Jim Giesen will email a receipt of your donation for your taxes. If you have questions about payments or wish to be reminded quarterly for a donation, call Jim at 662-268-2247 or email him at All checks should be made out to the Agricultural History Society.


How We're Doing

Campital Campaign Corn Styled Percent Complete Meter


Tractor: $5000 and Above

Jeannie WhayneAlan L. Olmstead
Mary SummersMargaret W. Rossiter

Plow: Up to $4999

PlowCarrie MeyerPeter Coclanis
Claire Strom and Jim Norris Pamela Riney-Kehrberg and Richard Kehrberg
Annabel Tudor Bert Way
Anne Effland
Jian Yang Jess Gilbert
Adrienne Petty Donald Pisani
Robert McMath Deborah Fitzgerald
Melissa Walker Sara Morris
David Vaught Joe Anderson
Gavin Wright Jim Giesen
Jeremy Atack David Danbom
Orville Vernon Burton Sara Egge
R. Douglas Hurt John Douglas Helms
The University of Saskatchewan History Department Karen-Beth Scholthof and Herman B. Scholthof
Otto Doering Debra A. Reid
Kendall Farms LLC Raymond Bjorklund
Stuart Smith Cherisse Jones-Branch
Tad Brown

Shovel: Up to $999

Shovel Katherine Jellison Richard S. Kirkendall
Hal Barron Dale E. Potts
Pete Daniel Thomas R. Wessel
Harry and Jane Scheiber Brian Cannon
Robert Cherney Rollins College History Department
Kendra Smith-Howard

Trowel: Up to $499

TrowelRoy V. ScottSterling Evans
Harold Woodman Jeremy Vetter
Drew Swanson Lorena Walsh
Trudy Peterson Sally McMurry
Clare Griffiths Kelly Jones
Richard Lowitt Dennis and Maggie Bray
Andrew Jackson Willis G. Parker
Todd B. Price Doc Hermalyn
Rebecca Earle Modupe Labode
Paul W. Rhode Megan Birk
Robert Wilcox Angela Gumm
Margaret Weber Shane Hamilton
Jaclyn J. Miller Neil Oatsvall
Virgil Dean Peter B. Lavelle
Peter Argersinger Mary Hoffschwelle
William Dalrymple (in memory of Dana Dalrymple) Donal Blayney
Roberta Van Haeften (in memory of Dana Dalrymple) Vivianne Holmes
Gabriel Rosenberg James Gerber
Matthew Caire Kathy Cooke
Peg and George Wheatley (in memory of Dana Dalrymple) Robert E. Lynk
David Lewis Jock Anderson (in memory of Dana Dalrymple)
Amahia K. Mallea Lori Ann Lahlum
Fernando Collantes Gutierrez Yixin Chen
Lisa Lindell Peter Hazell (in memory of Dana Dalrymple)
James Lin John J. Fry
H. Jesse Dublin (in memory of Dana Dalrymple) Verena Borton (in memory of Dana Dalrymple)
Virginia DeJohn Anderson Amrys O. Williams
Jeff Bremer Owen Hyman
Carmen Harris Elizabeth Herbin
Gregory Hudson Pamela Riney Kehrberg and Richard Kehrberg (in memory of honor of Alan Bogue and Margaret Beattie Bogue)
Joan M Jensen Carmen Harris
Elizabeth Herbin Gregory Hudson (in memory of Dana Dalrymple)
Charles Stranhope (in memory of Dana Dalyrmple) Bill and Judith Jones (in memory of Dana Dalyrmple)
Anthony P. Cavender Rebecca Sharpless
Peter M. Noll Mary Lynde Way
Maureen Thompson Denise Damico
Michael Magliari Robert McMath
James Tuten