Accesssing the Journal

There are several ways to access the contents of Agricultural History, in published form and online.

Society members can search and access the full text of all articles published since 2000 online.

The tables of contents and abstracts of every issue from 2004 onward are available on our Past Issues page.

All articles from 1927 to 1965 are available online through the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture in Cornell University's Mann Library. Using the "Search" feature of this site will gather results from all of its holdings, not just Agricultural History. To access solely Agricultural History content, go to "Browse" and then click on either the letter A or go through the "Journal Title List." Choosing "Agricultural History" will bring you to a page where you can browse the journal by year and then by issue.

Articles appearing in Agricultural History are abstracted and indexed in select databases such as: Academic Search Premier; AGRICOLA; America: History and Life; ProQuest Discovery; and Scopus.

Indices for volumes 26-81 (1952-2007) are available online.

Volume 73 no. 4 (Fall 1999) contains the cumulative indexes for the Agricultural History Papers: Volumes 1 through 3, 1921, 1923, 1925 and Agricultural History volumes 1 through 25 (1927-1951), as well as the "Guide to the Records of the Agricultural History Society, 1919-1982."