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Jenny Barker-Devine Profile

Jenny Barker-Devine

Jenny Barker-Devine

 PhD Candidate, Iowa State University

Current Project

Dissertation entitled "'Our Cherished Ideals': Rural Women's Activism in the Midwest, 1950-1990."

Best Place for an Agricultural History Conference

Ames, Iowa, of course.


Camping, hiking, writing, sewing, keeping up with repairs on our very old house, and chasing after our daughter Elizabeth. 

Favorite Historical Figure

It's so hard to choose just one, but if I could have lunch with anyone it might be Anne Bronte--I adore her books and am endlessly fascinated with the tragedy of her short life.

Favorite Agricultural/Rural Movie

This will probably get me in trouble with the more intellectual set, but hands down, I just love anything to do with the Little House on the Prairie television series. Yes, I am aware of its blatant inaccuracies, but as a child it was one of my favorite shows (as well as the books), and even at a young age it fostered an interest in all things historic.

A few years ago my sister and I went to Walnut Grove, Minnesota, for the Laura Ingalls Wilder festival, where we met Dean Butler, aka Almanzo Wilder, and it was quite the treat!

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