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Open Access Policy

Interim Policy


At the Agricultural History Society's Executive Committee meeting in June 2010, the committee created a Open Access Committee (OAC) charged to investigate open access and its potential effects on the society. The members of the committee, appointed by President Melissa Walker, included Virgil Dean, Randal Hall, Connie Lester, Jeannie Whayne, and Chair Claire Strom. The OAC was asked to report back to the society at its next full meeting in June 2011. In the meantime, Editor Strom was charged with writing a temporary open access policy for the journal.

Temporary Policy

Until the society approves a final open access policy, the Agricultural History Society endorses the following:

  • After a six-month embargo, authors may deposit a post-print (final draft, post-refereeing) copy of their article ONLY in an institutional repository. This must be linked to the publisher's version and acknowledge the publisher's copyright.