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Bonnie Lynn-Sherow Profile

Bonnie Lynn-Sherow

Bonnie Lynn-Sherow

 Associate Professor of History, Kansas State University

Current Project

A history of Archer Daniels Midland Corporation. In the years since World War II, corporate farming has been almost unrestricted in its ability to vertically integrate all aspects of agricultural production, from land ownership though world wide sales and marketing of ready-to-eat products. While historians of American Agriculture often decry the 'decline' of the family farm, few studies have attempted an inside look at the system of agriculture that has displaced it, namely corporations. My goal is to write an institutional history of one well known corporation and to trace the policies, persons and events that have contributed to the consolidation of one of the United States' most revered and vital industries.

Best Place for an Agricultural History Conference

Kansas of course!


Canoeing, snowshoeing, playing with my dog, gardening

Favorite Historical Figure

Rachel Carson, Angie Debo, Tommy Douglas

Favorite Agricultural/Rural Movie

"Oklahoma," by Rogers and Hammerstein

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