Cage Free Since 1919

Officers and the Executive Committee

“Annual farm and home week,” Federal Art Project (WPA), sponsor, 1941. Library of Congress POS - WPA - ILL .01 .A57, no. 1 (B size)

“Annual farm and home week,” Federal Art Project (WPA), sponsor, 1941. Library of Congress POS - WPA - ILL .01 .A57, no. 1 (B size)

Current Officers

Debra Reid, President
The Henry Ford

Adrienne Petty, Vice President
William & Mary

Joe Anderson, Executive Secretary and Past President
Mount Royal University,

Sara Morris, Treasurer
University of Kansas,

Albert G. Way, Editor
Kennesaw State University,

2018-2019 Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of the five officers, six elected committee members who serve three-year terms, and the three immediate past presidents.

Debra Reid, The Henry Ford, President
Adrienne Petty, William & Mary, Vice President
Joe Anderson, Mount Royal University, Executive Secretary and Past President
Sara Morris, University of Kansas, Treasurer
Albert G. Way, Kennesaw State University, Editor
Jenny Barker-Devine, Illinois College, Elected
Fritz Davis, Purdue University, Elected
Kelly Houston-Jones, Arkansas Tech University, Elected
Cherisse Jones-Branch, Arkansas State University, Elected
Mats Morell, Uppsala University, Elected
Karen-Beth Scholthof, Texas A&M University, Elected
Sterling Evans, Past President
Katherine Jellison, Ohio University, Past President

Program Committee (Knoxville, tn)

Evan Bennett, Florida Atlantic University (Chair)
Jama Grove, University of Arkansas
Margaret “Maggie” Weber, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Robert Wilcox, Northern Kentucky University

Presidents Committee

Debra Reid
Joe Anderson
Sterling Evans

Nominating Committee

2020 — Deborah Fitzgerald, Chair
2021 — David Vail
2022 — Amrys Williams

Elected Executive Committee Members

2017-2020 — Adrienne Petty and Kelly Houston-Jones
2018-2021 — Karen-Beth Scholthoff (non traditional history) and Cherisse Jones Branch
2019-2022 — Mats Morell (international) and Fritz Davis

Peterson Fund Committee

Cynthia Prescott, Chair
Nancy Berlage
Kristin Ahlberg

Terms of Office Expire after Annual Meeting in:

2020 — Kathy Jellison, Kelly Houston-Jones, Adrienne Petty
2021 — Karen-Beth Scholthoff, Sterling Evans, Cherisse Jones-Branch
2022 — Joe Anderson, Fritz Davis, Mats Morell