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Tom Brooking Profile

Professor, University of Otago

Current Project

I am working on the reconstruction of the New Zealand grasslands 1850s-1920s—a large team project funded by the Marsden fund involving two historical geographers, five historians and a scholar from Maori Studies. Tow are based at the University of Canterbury, five at Otago and one at Lincoln.

Best Place for an Agricultural History Conference

University of Otago-Dunedin, New Zealand!


Golf, walking, food and wine tasting, music

Favorite Historical Figure

Richard John Seddon (New Zealand's longest serving Prime Minister—as I'm writing a biography of him!) Overseas it's a toss up between Mathama Gandhi and john Kenneth Galbraith!

Favorite Agricultural/Rural Movie

"My Brilliant Career" (Australia), "The Go Between" (English), "Little Big Man" (USA), and "Ngati" (New Zealand and "Pumicelands"—on solving the problems of cobalt deficiency in New Zealand's volcanic plateau in the central North Island—a 1954 overconfident classic!)

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